Mr. James Baker attended the University of Missouri-Columbia where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science James Bakerdegree in biology. After receiving his undergraduate degree, he began studying the law at the Oklahoma City University School of Law. There, he received a Dean’s Circle Scholarship, a Merit Scholarship, and two CALI awards (given to the single law student who received the highest grade in the class). As well as graduating Cum Laude, Mr. Baker also received a scholarship from the Oklahoma City Real Property Lawyers Association for excellence in property law.

Experience & Expertise

After graduation he relocated to the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex to become an associate member of The Coffey Firm as a criminal defense attorney, where he would practice until co-founding Baker & Dameron in 2005. Outside of firm experience, Mr, Baker is an active lobbyer and public speaker.

Mr. Baker took an active role in the legislation relating to criminal laws, speaking before the Texas House of Representatives Committee on Law Enforcement during the 2005 session. Using his persuasive speaking ability to deliver a passionate speech, Mr. Baker was subsequently quoted by other speaking attorneys, effectively lobbying against a proposed bill. Mr. Baker now works alongside the Hardy Law Group to help clients in Fort Worth.

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